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If you feel you fall under any category below call us we will help you!

  • Forced Marriage.

  • Difference in lifestyle and attitude.

  • Financial Freedom.

  • Love lost- no intimacy.

  • In-laws and spouse cruality

  • Fraudulent marriages.

  • Ease of dissolving the marriage.

  • Abuse and Cruelty.

  • Adultery.

  • Desertion.

  • Insanity.

  • Conversion.

  • Renunciation.

  • Cruelty.

  • Venereal disease.

  • Presumption of death.

  • Sodomy,

  • Bestiality,

  • Bigamy,

  • Conviction for an offense of moral turpitude such as Rape

Do not let your in-laws or spouse harass you! Divorce no more a taboo!

Advocate V.Ravindhar , Indias high-profile divoce lawyer

Cyber Lawyer Dr.Ravindhar Vadapalli.jpeg

Divorce no more a taboo!

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